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What Do You Really Want?

Two big questions often arise on the path to flourishing, and if you haven't asked yourself these questions, well, this article wants to give you the opportunity. Start a document or write in your journal along with this article in order to engage more fully if you'd like to. What do you want? Look into… Continue reading What Do You Really Want?

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Why Travel Will Make You A Better Person and Why You Should Start Now

I've mentioned long term solo travel pretty frequently in many of my posts as a means to gaining experience and thus wisdom, but I want to explain my reasoning a bit. This article's aim is to convince you to travel, and to do it as soon as you possibly can. Everything in your mind will… Continue reading Why Travel Will Make You A Better Person and Why You Should Start Now

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GRIT – A Personal Story

Once, in a poor land not too far from here, a young boy was born. Nothing was particularly interesting about this boy, as he was regularly told by his mother. She loved him dearly deep down, but mental instabilities internalized during her youth often lead to her poorly treating the boy. He was the youngest… Continue reading GRIT – A Personal Story