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The Skill Society Often Hides

There exists a single quality, a single skill, that feeds into every other personal trait that you want and have. Not confident? Bothered by little things easily? Upset because you feel like you aren't good at anything? Every single one of these problems and more can be addressed actively, by you, by addressing one potent… Continue reading The Skill Society Often Hides

Important Concepts, Personal Development

How Concepts Make You Smarter| Introducing Important Concepts Part 1

Flourisch has a number of different categories of articles, each of them chosen for a specific reason and with the intention of helping you improve your life. In this article series we are going to explain what is so important about the Important Concepts category and why building a larger concept vocabulary will be beneficial… Continue reading How Concepts Make You Smarter| Introducing Important Concepts Part 1

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How to Begin Engaging with Yourself

In my Flourish post I briefly mentioned the way we excuse ourselves from doing difficult things, how we rationalise that next beer, or one more episode, or continuing on somebody else's pursuit of happiness. Often this is just because we haven't paused for a moment to consider what might be the best course of action… Continue reading How to Begin Engaging with Yourself