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Flourisch is a project that wants to help people live their lives with more awareness, curiosity, reflection, and grit.

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These articles introduce you to new concepts that can act as tools to help better understand life

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These will often come creatively, to make them interesting to read and memorable for you, and be exercises that you can actively engage in. They aim to motivate you into action.

Conscious Consumption

We think there are a lot of awesome resources online for developing yourself – these articles will aim to provide you with recommendations of things to read, listen to and watch that can broaden your understanding.

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We really want to help you to flourish, but the choice has to be yours.

I am someone who loves developing my knowledge and wisdom about anything and everything I can, because I believe it will help me better understand myself, others and the world. I have a deep desire to help inspire others to develop themselves in the way that they feel is best for them, because I have a powerful confidence in the capacity of everyone and a wish to see inner peace blossom in the hearts of people everywhere. Read a little more about my Vision for Flourisch, as well as the more personalĀ About page by clicking their links.

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