Personal Development

Poem a Day #3

Upon further reflection, they seem to change based on what I think they're about when reading. I think the meaningful thing is that if you can relate to poetry, to the kind of emotions poems (and any form of creation) are embodying, then you find it meaningful to you. Trying to figure out what they… Continue reading Poem a Day #3

Personal Development

Resilience, How to find your new equilibrium

Life changes. Sometimes for the better, sometimes not so much. No matter how much change might have happened, there's one thing you have control over even after the most harrowing of experiences: how you respond. How you choose to respond to mistakes you've made in the past, false ideas about yourself and generally hardship and… Continue reading Resilience, How to find your new equilibrium

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How to Know What to Do Next in Life

This recipe begins with a stew that you have already prepared. The stew contains pieces of endless possibility, a sprinkling of paralysis, and lacks any institutional structure to hold it together. It's missing direction and hope - let's fix that! It just came off the long-term, large-scale educational or professional system stove and is bubbling… Continue reading How to Know What to Do Next in Life