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Resilience, How to find your new equilibrium

Life changes. Sometimes for the better, sometimes not so much. No matter how much change might have happened, there's one thing you have control over even after the most harrowing of experiences: how you respond. How you choose to respond to mistakes you've made in the past, false ideas about yourself and generally hardship and… Continue reading Resilience, How to find your new equilibrium

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How to Know What to Do Next in Life

This recipe begins with a stew that you have already prepared. The stew contains pieces of endless possibility, a sprinkling of paralysis, and lacks any institutional structure to hold it together. It's missing direction and hope - let's fix that! It just came off the long-term, large-scale educational or professional system stove and is bubbling… Continue reading How to Know What to Do Next in Life

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How to Begin Engaging with Yourself

In my Flourish post I briefly mentioned the way we excuse ourselves from doing difficult things, how we rationalise that next beer, or one more episode, or continuing on somebody else's pursuit of happiness. Often this is just because we haven't paused for a moment to consider what might be the best course of action… Continue reading How to Begin Engaging with Yourself

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Once, in a poor land not too far from here, a young boy was born. Nothing was particularly interesting about this boy, as he was regularly told by his mother. She loved him dearly deep down, but mental instabilities internalized during her youth often lead to her poorly treating the boy. He was the youngest… Continue reading GRIT