Flourisch is a project created to help real people deal with themselves and real life. It’s intention is to initiate a form of self evaluation and questioning that can lead people to really enjoy their lives, to flourish, and to then share themselves and their abilities with others. Flourisch wants to teach you how to learn wisdom, psychology, philosophy, behavioural science, and how to question the status quo of your own lives – all in an accessible and low-cost way.

Flourisch is the brain child of Joshua Mason and has its beginnings as a reaction to the lack of meaningful content found in most self improvement blogs. He loves to learn new things, especially when seemingly unrelated ideas are actually deeply connected. He feels constantly compelled to develop his own qualities, particularly those that push other people to believe in themselves, reach forward and flourish.

Josh is currently travelling the world and trying to run two blogs at once while figuring out what to do with the rest of his life. Check out theexpertgeneralists.com/blog for stories and personal vicissitudes he has experienced on his trip.

Josh noticed a lot of suffering in his life and the lives of others, and he thinks the answer to this is less ignorance and more openness, but that’s a hard thing to foster. The only reason he thinks he began to try is because we wants to overcome childhood trauma that comes from an unstable home and an abusive father, and young adult trauma from not knowing how best to navigate the social world. He has experienced some pretty bad episodes of depression, anxiety and pure obsessive compulsive disorder. He expects these might visit him again in the future, and reacts with the following :”bring ’em on”.

Josh isn’t sure what he wants to do with his life but he knows that he cares heaps about helping others learn more about themselves and life, just like he wants to. Read GRIT to understand his persomal perspective a little more (cerca November 2017, Palomino, Colombia).

Josh also really cares about having compassion and love for everything and everyone – including you. šŸ™‚

If you ever have any feedback, suggestions or thoughts, please send him a message through the Contact tab.