Personal Development

Poem a Day #7

Hey there, I’m all done for now, thanks for spending this week with me.

Aminals, Manimals

Mammals, Salmon, Saminals

Bilge Rat, Fill trap

Open eyes, hungry cat

Eat it, Pickles

Pickled lump

Silver Spoon?

Farmer’s slump

Every day, break your knees

Save the world?

Save the bees

Pollen, Poplar, Popular

Salmon swims

Woods a’char

Plant the trees

Breathe the air

Save the Earth

Save the fair

Breathe in deep

She’s okay

Live to fight another day

But the peeps

Don’t know yet

There are heaps

Pay the debt

It’s a trap

Made of us

We did that

Stop the bus

Kick the curb

Bite the bit

No more time

Don’t just sit

Who to shame


No more blame

It’s a bust

Do the work

Change the cue

Fill’er up?


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