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Poem a Day #6 – The Narrow Glen

This might be my favourite so far (it’s not to do with my father, who’s name happens to be glen, but rather the noun, glen, a valley or ravine, a narrow passageway or path)


Lies behind the eyes are mine

But maybe they’re just of the mind

Maybe they’re not real at all

And hide you well from life, in thrall

Don’t believe the crying cries,

The mind it flees beyond the rise

Of love that frees you from your thoughts,

And once forgot, the fights you fought

Return in numbers too damn great

And then you fall into that state

Of dreams and mire, to be forlorn

Forever with the waking dawn,

But from within comes once again

The open gate, the narrow glen


So as the camel you must go,

Because the things you reap, you sow

Though it may be, you try and try

The only way, thread needle’s eye

It’s hope beyond the self, the One

The final life, thy will be done

A razor’s edge, upon the tip

You walk and think you’ll never trip

Though when you fall it takes some time

Before you get back on the line

And realise “I’ve returned once more”

To silver thread, and slender door

In Zen it cuts as might a knife

Through Christ, the freedom from all strife

What Budda called the Middle Way

Come back again, again each day

And as you go the way is clear

While Eckart gives the Now and Here

Ramana breaks you free, he said

I Am aware, the body’s dead

The Who I Am is not the ‘I’

But through the feeling break the lie

Nisargadat yelled loud to act;

“Don’t waste your time, just don’t react!”

And Linda says “it’s up to you”

The choice to choose what you must do

To free yourself from inner Hell

Then find the Gate and break the spell

Look to the place the words all point

Into the state yourself anoint

Return again, again once more

The golden gate, a simple door

Though varied are the teachers, true

The final act is up to you

On sojourn go, beyond the mind

That which you seek, you’ll surely find

And lasting words to end the rest

If you lack trust, just use this test:

As one, it’s true, they say the same,

“Find inner truth and end the game”

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