Personal Development

Poem a Day #5 – Space


Open Up, Open Wide

Open and I’ll reach inside,

Open up inside your head

Listen, we’re already dead

Through the truth be Here right now,

Question truth, not why but How

Even when you’ve filled your head,

Follow, still, along Fate’s thread

Soon the Golden light will come,

Spoons will bend themselves as one.

Space beyond is Space within,

Space to Be, free through your skin

Space in here and Space all through,

Realise Space, The Father, You.

Man this poem annoyed me. I had some versions, a few versions, and what came through kept changing, or my feelings about what I had done and whether it was good enough to give to the world kept changing. So I dunno. I release it without knowing what it means, again, but no big deal. There’s always more poems to write.

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