Personal Development

Poem A Day #4 – The Oath

The Oath

Connive and knit, the seller sits

Beyond the fleeting glance

And in those eyes of hate and greed

Sits one of innocence

The one was told “you must be good!”

Forever held by don’t and should,

In new and old, the brethren bold,

And came the staunching of the cold

I yell, I lie, I cheat, I steel,

But ever I do fear reveal

The nature mine, not bold or brave

But timid, willful and afraid.

Begone from me I call you not

From truth I flee, I had forgot

But now alone I face your fear

And in it I find solace, here

You weren’t above, Nor I below

The mire had made us think too slow

The one I am is same as you

So liked or not, it must be true

The fear we share, it goes to to us

Forever there, a gift of trust

And ever know the wistful fate

We wished beyond the other’s hate.

Account was made by you, the both

Account from one, a solemn oath

So never will I strike your soul

Beyond the edge of valued role.

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