Personal Development

Poem a Day #3

Upon further reflection, they seem to change based on what I think they’re about when reading. I think the meaningful thing is that if you can relate to poetry, to the kind of emotions poems (and any form of creation) are embodying, then you find it meaningful to you. Trying to figure out what they mean or why is less important than whether you feel the emotions first-hand, because they often relate to many experiences at once, not just a single one.

Heaven’s cross and heaven’s roll

Heavens cost the same, the toll

But the new will come at last

then you’ll see, it’s coming fast.

The newer age of weather’s spite

Into the day, dark sacred night

Alone a’worn, a’wearing down

Beneath the solid, wintry crown

Alveo-lay, Viola high

The mess is left in me to lie.

A vow was stole, from in my heart

and then I screwed the swishing tart.

Above the world and down below,

I call you creek but then you show

your truer colours in the wool

and so I ran, I was a fool.

Unbeknownst to you, I cry

Why did you have to go and die?

Eleven sages, eleven rates

the mist belies the womb it takes,

forever more, within the line

I crimp and save and limp with time.

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