Personal Development

Poem a Day #2

This one rushed at me, I don’t know if it’s finished but it sure felt good. I didnt know what it was about until I stopped halfway to read it again. I wonder if knowing what it’s about, or thinking I do, affects it in any way. Is it less from the heart if I try own and limit it by thinking I know what it’s about?

The Bees

Frigid cold alone at last

Busy bee a’bumbling fast

Every wakeful hour at night

An hour away from dawn’s cold light

Up at night and up at dawn

The earth is wrecked

I stand forlorn

Use is thrown beyond the mire

And back comes bumbly

Cold with ire

Use me now and I’ll be free

Or we’ll take turns

With heaven’s fee

Up above and down below

Always livid,

Lying low

Take me now or I’ll part ways

From you the ever

Daunting phrase

Endings come and endings go

But here I stand

Two ways to go

And so I left

Yet still he clung

And endings came

‘fore they begun

The useless man

Does as he will

Won’t come along

He lingers still

Yet here I am

The one ’twas lost

Through thick and thin

the hearts were tossed

It never ends

this game for two

the thing that lies

‘tween me an’ you

It only take me for a bit

Then I return, the stolen git


Crushed heart ,crushed love

Crushing from the stars above

Only me and only you

Forever know the what was once true

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