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Poem a Day

Let’s face it, this blog has died. But, well, I still have stuff to share, and I’ve paid for the URL for at least the next few months, so I’m going to start adding some poetry. A poem a day, that’s my plan. To write a poem every day and send it out to the world.

Here’s the first:

A walk among the dead

A lonely walk through the lives of those long passed

Each had a story

A verse of their own

And every one of them connected to something

Here I stand in the middle, but I don’t feel anything but death

And sorrow

For those lost lives

Who have never known the triumph

Of the life that I once wished for

Their dreams and mine

All long dead

Foaming at the mouth, I clawed my way to a seat at the table

Ragged, raw and wanting

And when I got there,

The mountain only grew before me

What felt like an age

Had been one step

Close your eyes and wait

Wait for the cold embrace

You know it comes soon

Everything built crumbles

Everything gripped tumbles

And becomes carved words on stone

A tiny dash between numbers

Only to be forgotten

Squinted at by passers by

And lost to the mists of time

Nothing we have is forever

Except the forever we search for

Lose yourself to dance and death may come joyously

Otherwise it will be fraught with regret

She is the ultimate temptress

But her temptation is life itself

Freedom from suffering

And bliss beyond measure

The godhead calls you home

And freedom is yours once more

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