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We noticed that many of the self improvement blogs you can find online fall into two main categories. They either focus on things like productivity, habits or becoming a successful business person, or they look at the more spiritual side of things, like gaining wisdom and insight – but often with impractical or illogical platitudes. That’s all fine stuff, but we here at Flourisch believe personal development isn’t just about one or the other – it’s about having a holistic understanding of life. It’s about finding meaning, understanding your flaws, having compassion and renewing yourself and doing so in the context of a modern world with scientifically based methodology. We want to give you actionable solutions to problems of meaning and existence, to bring you back into the real world but also keep you connected with yourself and your questioning.

Flourisch isn’t about making money, or being successful, or even about finding happiness – Flourisch is about approaching life from multiple directions, recreating yourself, and about facing challenges in new ways – with a basis in any and every possible practice. Contrary to the messages of society, a large proportion of problems we face can’t simply be solved by pursuing the material world – but we don’t think the answer necessarily lies in putting trust solely in spiritual practice, either. We believe there is a much deeper meaning that can be found in life through creating your own nexus of various knowledge, wisdom and insight – and we want to help you discover it.

In a nutshell, we want you to become a better version of yourself so that you can then share your merits with others – so we can all flourish. We want to do this by collecting information from fields like psychology, design, philosophy, behavioral economics, neuroscience and spirituality as well as providing you with the opportunity to find the links between them yourself. Have a look at our Vision page for more information about this.

While this is not a website with the intention of making money, it does intend to become known by as many people as possible in order to better serve it’s purpose. If you gain any value from these articles please consider sharing the content to someone else who might benefit.

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