Welcome to Flourisch!

This used to be a personal development blog. Now it’s just a personal blog.

Below is what it used to be, now it’s not that, it’s something new instead. Hope you enjoy.

“Hi, I’m Josh and I am the creator of Flourisch. I believe that personal development is not only about fulfilling your own dreams but also about giving back – it’s about having a holistic understanding of life, and our place in it, which includes the fact that we share it! Life is about a lot of things for a lot of different people, but we all share a lot of important stuff, namely, looking for satisfaction, peace and contentment. This website is a bit about my journey and a bit about yours, and I hope it can help to fill your heart with warmth and confidence and enthusiasm. I want to share life’s journey with others, giving support and encouragement to those seeking life’s answers, to create an opportunity for others to question any self-doubt or limiting beliefs they might have. We are all fighting a tough battle, we are all in this together, so whatever I can do to uplift those that might need uplifting, I’m going to do my darndest. At times it can all get a little too much, so maybe a flick through an article on here once in a while might be helpful. Heck, it helps me. Let’s get connected with ourselves and our questioning, let’s move forward and let’s make a world of sharing, love, and goodness.

Flourisch is about inspiring people to approach life with constructive attitudes, accept themselves, discover deeper truth, and about facing life’s challenges more effectively. Contrary to the messages of society, a large proportion of problems we face can’t simply be solved by pursuing the material world – but I don’t think the answer necessarily lies in abandoning the material world and putting trust solely in spiritual practice, either. Both are important. I believe there is a much deeper meaning that can be found in life through experiencing it with helpful attitudes, so that’s what I’m doing here, sharing some tools to experience life and maybe even find a bit of peace and contentment.

In a nutshell, I just wanna gi-ive. Everyone has something they can give, and I think I might be able to offer some friendship and inspiration, from my own perspective. At this stage I’m keen to let you know what works for me in feeling good about life, share what science and spirituality says works, and even do some experiments to give you some first-hand data. Have a look at the Vision page for more information about this.”

With Love,